1. What does eventackle do?

Eventackle provides a platform for all business events, trade shows, workshops, seminars, and expos held globally for gathering information. We’re a unique online marketplace for event organizers, exhibitors, visitors, speakers, delegates and venues.

2. How do I contact eventackle?

If the FAQ did not answer your query, please mail us at [email protected]
Or Call us at +44 20 8242 6566

A customer support agent will write back to you within 48 business hours.
You can also follow us on:
Facebook @eventackle
Twitter @eventackle
Instagram eventackle

3. What kind of events does eventackle list?

Global Summit
Conferences and congresses.
Training courses
Career and Job Fairs

4. How do I use eventackle?

Eventackle is convenient to use, and setting up an event is very simple. Just follow these simple steps :
1) Sign up for your free account at https://www.eventackle.com/login
2) Create your event and get started.
For further clarifications, you can follow video the link on how to use?

5. What are the fees for using eventackle?

Eventackle is currently free for the first six months.

6. Do you have a sample event page?

Yes, we have a sample event page. You can visit the website and check out the featured event Tab for sample event pages.

7. What event promotion features does eventackle have?

Eventackle offers substantial social media sharing capabilities to promote events across social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

8. How do I add my event on eventackle and is it free?
You can create your event by clicking on Create your event tab and follow the instructions. For further clarifications follow the video link on how to use?
Yes, the listing is currently free of cost.

9. How do I correct and edit my event Information?

To edit and correct your event information go to the profile tab on the home page, click on my events. Select the event for which you need to edit the information by clicking on the edit button.