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By default you will receive the following emails from us:

  1. Welcome Email
  2. Ticket purchase confirmation
  3. Attendee confirmation
  4. Tickets

Once you register as an organiser, these are the set of emails you will receive:

  1. Organiser Profile Creation Notification
  2. Approval of organiser Profile
  3. Event Published
  4. Sponsor Enquiries, Brochure Enquiries, Exhibitor Enquries — if you have enabled them for your event.

Browser Support

Dear Web User: Please Upgrade Your Browser

We at Eventackle, along with designers and developers worldwide, want you to have the absolute best possible experience on the Web. In fact, in the design and development community, we spend countless hours every week discussing and researching the standards and practices that we know will make your experience on the Web infinitely greater.

But the browser you’re using could be limiting that potential. So please read on, so you can learn how to drastically improve your experience on the Web.

What’s Wrong With Old Browsers?

Old browsers (especially Internet Explorer versions 6, 7, and 8) are less stable, and much more vulnerable to viruses, spyware, malware, and other security issues. Those are obviously big problems to be concerned about—especially for people who shop online. So security alone is a very good reason to upgrade.

Old Browsers Are Slow and More Likely to Crash

Firstly, old browsers are very slow. Every Web page that loads in a browser has to perform a number of different tasks. One of those tasks is the process of loading different files. These files include images, programming scripts, and other resources that help improve the look and functionality of the website you’re visiting. Old browsers do not perform these tasks with the same speed as new browsers. This makes your experience on the Web considerably slow, and can sometimes cause your browser to crash or freeze.

New Browser Options

Now that you understand why it’s highly recommended to upgrade an old browser, let’s take a look at what options you have for a new browser, and what strengths these browsers have. Please notice that switching to one of these browsers is free and won’t take more than a couple of minutes.

Google Chrome In May 2012, according to at least one statistics website, Google Chrome (all versions combined) became the most popular browser in the world (compared to IE, all versions combined). Chrome was first released in 2008, and has a number of advantages over old browsers like IE8.

Mozilla Firefox Firefox has been the main competitor to Internet Explorer since the mid-2000’s. Although Google’s Chrome has become more popular in recent years, Firefox is a great browser with many advantages over old browsers.

Pricing your event

One of the most important parts of creating your event is setting your ticket price. The right price can make all the difference between a full house and an empty venue — or the difference between profit and loss. Here are three strategies to hit the sweet spot for staggering ticket sales.

Align pricing to perception
Research ticket prices for similar events and local events the same week as yours. Measure yourself against the competition, then price accordingly.

Use scarcity to boost sales
Limited time offers create a sense of urgency and inspire people to buy sooner rather than later. Use time-based discounts and display how many tickets are left at each price point.

You can edit events to change their ticket price and add more information in the about event section so users are updated.

Lead Generation

Not only does Eventackle help you sell your tickets and register free visitors to the event, the event page also allows you to get information from other leads like – brochure request form, sponsorship enquiry and exhibitor enquiry forms.

An email gets triggered when a Eventackle user expresses interest in exhibiting at an event by clicking on Exhibitor Enquiry button on your event’s page.

Improve Event visibility

There are several ways to boost the visibility of your event on our platform.

Improve your Event Strength by adding more information about your event. The more content you add,  the better are the chances of people liking and willing to attend / exhibit at your event.

1. Event Title should be attention seeking

An effective title gets your listing noticed and clicked, so you stand out in relevant searches and compel event-goers to read more. Here are the most important things to keep in mind:

  • Provide context and legitimacy to sell your event. Include your organization’s name, how long the event has been around, and its year. Remember: you want someone who sees your event listing for the first time to understand it and click.
  • Skip fluffy adjectives and unnecessary details. Your title doesn’t need to include the exact date, time, and address of your event. Shorter is sweeter for most readers, especially on mobile.
  • Minimize length to maximize SEO. Use no more than 60 characters, so your title isn’t cut off in Google’s search results. In fact, the fewer the words, the easier it is for Google to match relevant searches with your exact title and the higher your event will appear in its search results. In other words, keep it snappy.
  • Speaking of SEO, choose your words wisely. Use popular, relevant keywords that people are likely to use in search of an event, so Google matches these searches with your title. Google’s Keyword Planner is a free resource that can help you evaluate the best keywords for your event.
  • Beware of insider terms. Using “EDM” in your event title may excite the diehards, but it can also confuse novices, so adjust your jargon depending on who you’re trying to attract.

2. A cover image that speaks

People process images 60K times faster than text, so pick a unique and eye-catching image that captures the energy of your event. This image will serve as your listing’s cover and thumbnail, so avoid using logos and flyers, which end up looking distorted when expanded and illegible when shrunk. To make sure attendees can see your image clearly on every platform and in every format, invest in a high-resolution image.

Should you need personal assistance, please write to [email protected]

Kind of events

What Can be Added:

  • Events having a physical presence
    Event happening at physically located venues which are easily accessible by the public are only allowed for submission. Events which do not happen in any physical venue such as webinars, virtual events, online programmes etc are not considered for addition.
  • Events which are open to public
    Eventackle is an open platform and users globally search and find events to attend. Hence, events which are open to the general public can be listed. Events such as having the criteria of invitation only, private events or eligible to be attended by very closed user group are not allowed.
  • Events with clear ownership
    Events having clear title ownership owned/co-owned by individuals, companies, organizations, community or government bodies are only allowed to be listed. Events which does not have clear ownership or there are no claimed owners or owned by the public are not allowed to be listed such as festivals, holidays, national holidays etc.
  • Professional events
    Eventackle is a professional platform and used by professionals with an aim to grow their network for business, professional networking, career growth, personal learning & development. Hence we only allow events which are professional in nature like trade shows, conferences, consumer fairs etc to be listed and does not allow casual, personal and entertainment events like concerts, festivals, parties, music shows, award shows, reunions, college fest, online courses, etc.

 What Cannot be Added

  • Private & Small events
    Events which primarily involving a particular set of people based on “Invitation Only” or events which have a lessor are of no interest to the general public are not allowed to be listed. Events like private parties, kitty party, birthday parties, anniversary, family function/ceremonies, corporate parties, reunions are few examples which we don’t allow to be listed.
  • Adult, Restricted, Banned or Disputed events
    Events which would or can harm any sector, community, religious group, government or any individual directly or indirectly are not allowed. Events which are unethical in nature, controversial, disputed or restricted by any laws/government bodies are also not allowed to be listed. Some example of such events are rave parties, dope session, terrorism activities, protests against anybody/individual, strikes, inviting for public gatherings etc.
  • Festivals & Celebrations
    While we respect the culture, community, religious groups but we don’t allow any country, city, region or area specific festivals or celebrations to be listed. Celebrations and festivals are broad in nature and they do not have any specific venue or belongs or owned by individual or companies.

Event Categories

Eventackle provides information and ticket purchase information for corporate events across the globe. While serving the corporate community, we take care to only cater to events in the following categories:

  1. Oil and Gas
  2. Healthcare
  3. Information Technology
  4. Aviation
  5. Mining and Renewable Energy