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There are several ways to boost the visibility of your event on our platform.

Improve your Event Strength by adding more information about your event. The more content you add,  the better are the chances of people liking and willing to attend / exhibit at your event.

1. Event Title should be attention seeking

An effective title gets your listing noticed and clicked, so you stand out in relevant searches and compel event-goers to read more. Here are the most important things to keep in mind:

  • Provide context and legitimacy to sell your event. Include your organization’s name, how long the event has been around, and its year. Remember: you want someone who sees your event listing for the first time to understand it and click.
  • Skip fluffy adjectives and unnecessary details. Your title doesn’t need to include the exact date, time, and address of your event. Shorter is sweeter for most readers, especially on mobile.
  • Minimize length to maximize SEO. Use no more than 60 characters, so your title isn’t cut off in Google’s search results. In fact, the fewer the words, the easier it is for Google to match relevant searches with your exact title and the higher your event will appear in its search results. In other words, keep it snappy.
  • Speaking of SEO, choose your words wisely. Use popular, relevant keywords that people are likely to use in search of an event, so Google matches these searches with your title. Google’s Keyword Planner is a free resource that can help you evaluate the best keywords for your event.
  • Beware of insider terms. Using “EDM” in your event title may excite the diehards, but it can also confuse novices, so adjust your jargon depending on who you’re trying to attract.

2. A cover image that speaks

People process images 60K times faster than text, so pick a unique and eye-catching image that captures the energy of your event. This image will serve as your listing’s cover and thumbnail, so avoid using logos and flyers, which end up looking distorted when expanded and illegible when shrunk. To make sure attendees can see your image clearly on every platform and in every format, invest in a high-resolution image.

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